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“Kiteboarding is about so much more than boosting 40-foot jumps to the moon, more than being part of an incredible community that no other sport offers or harmonizing with the tranquility of nature. There is only one way to come to know what kiteboarding is all about: You have to experience it yourself.”


Goodwinds Lesson Programme:

While kiteboarding is not an extremely difficult or physically demanding sport, kiteboarding gear is dangerous when not handled correctly and with respect. We feel very strongly that every person who wants to get into kiteboarding should take lessons from an experienced instructor. At GoodWinds we have many years of experience teaching students how to become safe and self-sufficient kiteboarders. And we have developed a Lesson Program that covers all the skills required while having a very fun time!

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All lessons, customized to your learning speed:

Our lesson programme suggests the abilities and technical knowledge that a kitesurfer should have to safely and effectively pass to the next level. The levels presented serve as a guide for what a lesson should be like. However, since people have different sports backgrounds and experience, we go at the speed of each student. So, for example a lesson could have part of a level combined with another.


Step 1: Discovery Kiteboarder Lesson

20090205-DSC_0118_mediumStart Kitesurfing the right way! Kitesurfing is the combination of kite flying skills and board control. Initially learning to control the kite is the most important factor; and this is covered in our Discovery Courses. In this level, we focus on wind theory, safety, equipment selection and rigging, and the basics of kite flying. Learn more about our Discovery Course



Step 2: Water Time Lessons

_MG_0452Now you will make use of all that flying knowledge you gained with the Discovery Kiteboarder Program lesson, and body-drag accompanied by your instructor, while you practice the exercises that will enable you to ride the board. Once you complete this portion of the program you will start riding the board!
Learn more about Water Time courses.

Step 3: Board Riding Lesson

DSC_2994On our Level 3 Board Riding Courses, you will be followed by one of our instructors on an inflatable boat. This ensures maximum safety and is also is the most efficient way to learn. We are the only school in Puerto Rico that uses boat support 100% of the time for the board riding lessons at no additional cost. There is no other method out there that will give you as much water time and instruction as this one.

Learn more about board riding lessons.

Advanced: Courses and Clinics

jan5For our advanced students we offer lessons “a la carte”. You tells us what you want to learn and we’ll show you what it takes. We can even show you tricks that you might not even know the name! Among some of the advanced techniques you can learn with us we have: Jumping higher and landing softer, Rotations, handle passes, wave riding and foil boarding.
Learn more about our Board Riding Courses